About Us

Swan Supply Inc. is Woman Owned & Operated


Markets Served: Commercial, Residential, Government, Hospitality, Multi-Family and More…


SWAN SUPPLY INC - Founded in 1993 and provides sustainable energy efficient solutions with consultation, product sales and recycling. We enhance the efficiency of a lighting system for our customers through expert assistance in (1) specifying products that produce the greatest energy savings while providing maximum light output, (2) identifying appropriate light level for the work environment, (3) supplying energy efficient lighting products, (4) facilitating manufactures warranties.


FEDERAL ENERGY REDUCTION GOAL - Consultation, product specialists, hazardous waste disposal - to help agencies meet energy efficiency goals in accordance with Executive Order 13423.


PRODUCT SALES - Energy Saving controls, energy efficient lamps, ballast, fixtures, and electrical products.


LED - Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) last considerably longer than incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Many LED lamps are rated at 25,000 - 50,000 hours and even more. The energy consumed is minimal compared to that of older technologies.   In addition they burn much cooler than other light sources helping to save additional energy through cooling.   This technology has/is progressing rapidly and many insiders believe that it will not be long until LED is the only type of light.


CONTROLS - We offer a wide range of control solutions for commercial applications, including lighting control panels, occupancy sensors, automatic daylight controls, bi-level HID controls, DALI dimming controls, and plug load controls.   Residential controls include architectural wiring devices, wireless RF controls, motion sensors and code-compliant vacancy sensors.


RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING FIXTURE PACKAGES - We can customize decorative energy efficient lighting packages for apartments, base housing, and green buildings.


EMERGENCY LIGHTING - We stock a broad selection of commercial and industrial life safety and innovative emergency lighting products.  Also available are self-diagnostic units, energy-saving exit signs, hostile environment equipment, and AC inverter power systems.


REBATE PROGRAMS - Energy audits, detailed energy analysis, financing and rebate money from Xcel Energy.  We are actively involved with the utility incentive programs and can assist companies with taking advantage of the 2005 EPACT tax incentives.


CONSULTING - Consultation and evaluation of your current lighting and/or electrical system to determine the best solution for your specific needs.   We have sophisticated lighting layout software to assist with the design of your lighting system.  Our staff includes consultants who have earned CLEP, CLMC, and LC certifications.

Terms and Conditions: It is the purchaser's responsibility to verify all voltages, dimming ballast compatibility and multi-level switching requirements. Quotes become void if changed in any way; the complete quote must be used, no partial breakouts will be accepted. Quotes do not include Shipping or Tax. All Material is subject to the manufactures warranty. Labor charges must be negotiated and put in writing on all jobs prior to quoting and ordering of any material. All accounts are subject to credit approval. Swan Supply reserves the right to change credit terms if accounts are not current. Future orders and shipments may require prepayment or deposit if account is past due. Cancellation Policy: Non-stocked items are subject to the manufacture terms. If cancellation is allowed there will be a 15% charge to cancel the order. Special Manufactured items are subject to the manufacture terms. If cancellation is approved by the manufacture there will be a 15% charge to cancel the order and in addition to the 15% charge all manufacture charges will be applied. Returns Policy: Stocked Items must be returned within 10 business days from receipt of goods. Non-stocked items are subject to the manufacture terms. If returns are allowed restock fee and shipping charges will apply.